‘All for Rock Gettogether’ rockshow in Cochin

The rockers Community ‘All for Rock and Cochin arts and communication is jointly organizing a rockers get together on October 30th at St.Alberts School Grounds, Banerji Road.  This rockers ball wont be just another rock night. This one has some serious intentions. The rock will be conducted to raise money for the senior musician Rajendran Maash who is in dire of medical treatment. Affectionately known as Rajendran ‘Maash’ is a  prominent figure in the COCHIN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, managed by CAC, he is also the tutor to many fine violinists who have made their mark all over our homeland. He shot to news recently for gaining highest marks in India, at the 8th Grade examination held by the Trinity College of Music, London.

He is undergoing treatment for serious medical condition which is curable but requires Rs. 20 Lakh . Four bands will be playing in this fundraiser which includes EVERGREEN, BROWN CIRCLE, WHITESUGAR and RALPH WITH FRIENDS who are the most prominent rock bands of the city .

To avail tickets call : 9946380228 or go to CAC, I.S.Press Road

Mark your presence in the facebook event page and be  updated about the show.