An Interview with Sonal Devraj – Miss Kerala 2010

Sonal Devaraj , Miss kerala 2010 ,Second runner up , shares with us her experiences as a participant and winner of Miss Kerala 2010.

Q : What did you do before winning the Miss Kerala Pageant ?

I just got done with my BMS Management studies…
and currently pursuing my Certified management accounting(USA)

Q :  What prompted you to take the leap from what you were doing to the
Miss Kerala pageant ?

I was always into modeling and ramp
I thought miss kerala would be a great platform to express myself.

Q :  Can you describe the experience of winning the title ?

Amazing and actually in shock…
Proud and happy more than anything..

Q:  How do you compare your life before and after winning the crown ?

Different…..People know your name and begin to recognize you….more responsibilities

Q :  Beauty or Brains. Which is more important to win this pageant ?

A combination of both…Brains are very important to win the competition
I think just being yourself on stage and being confident is good enough..

Q : What is your message to the Miss Kerala  aspirants. ?

My message to them is that its an experience which none of them would ever regret…
more than winning the title the experience one gets from the training changes a person totally
i had a fear of speaking on stage though i was dancer giving a speech and talking to a large crowd wasn’t my cup of tea. But our trainer Ms.Mayuri helped us with everything..So i hope to see many more young girls taking part next year..


  1. That is miss kerala !!!!! c’mon you gotta be kidding me. What a typical interview. Hmmm…. I guess its a looong time since a girl won this and who had a ‘different’ story to tell….. “beauty and brains” it seems. Well i guess in this case madam must have had truckloads of brains 😉

  2. Thank u for ur feedback…was looking forward to it..
    Robin sir…sorry i cudnt come up with something witty and different was just trying to be simple and honest…
    Nope i dont have a truck load of brains…Just enough…to live normally:)

  3. yup she is indeed beautiful! but what i don’t like about this contest is that most of the participants don’t live in Kerala! and most of them don’t speak Malayalam too! then how cum this be a mis Kerala competition ? this is simple a miss NRI/outside Keralite! this is not the true beauty of Kerailte women!

  4. Well Sonal congratulations anyways. Irrespective of what people like me say it is a commendable achievable indeed. Looking forward to your movies… 🙂

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