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After a break, the new Amal Neerad project “Anwar” have hit the theaters last week. Well don’t know the status of other theaters in cochin, but Cinemax Cochin was crowed from the morning itself to watch Amal Neerad’s master-piece. Since I was very thrilled to watch the movie, saw it the very first day @ Cinemax Cochin. Anyways from my side the movie is not has thrilling as per the trailer but far better the Amal Neerad’s previous project ” Sagar Alias Jacky : Reloaded

#iLike :


1. Nice movie intro

Loved the way the director started the movie. From a scene to the introduction to the characters. Nice !!

2. Descent introduction of characters

Loved the way how the characters were introduced. Entry of Lal, Prakash Raj, Jinu Joseph, Prithvi Raj, Mamtha etc were simple and nice.

3. Props and Costumes – Awesome

The props and costumes used in the movie was very matching to roles played. Bomb blasts performed was done very well. Dress codes of Prithvi Raj was similar to those a common person wears. In case of Lal, his dress codes matched the role of  a “local area religious leader”. Prakash Raj with the spectacles, Jinu Joseph with the sun glasses, dress codes of the villains etc are really appreciable.

4. Dialogues – Simple and clean

Dialogues for each characters were simple and clean. Even thought Prithvi Raj played the lead role, his dialogues were very simple and was not as like the dishum dishum dialogues that the lead role usually say even if he plays a simple man. Dialogues really had a flow through out the movie

5. Songs – Excellent

Well no need to mention about the songs. From the very day of audio release, songs of Anwar were heard. Especially need to mention “Kanninima” song, really good.

6. Background Score and Music – Excellent

Ah, Gopi Sundar did the magic again with his beats. The background score is ver very appreciable and it had the sync with every single bit of the scene. The sync of one score with another – hats off.

7.   Actions / Stunts – Cool

Action sequences are appreciable. Cool movements. Really loved the move, which Prithvi Raj smacks a guy to the table. The climax fights is also good.

8. Casting – Good

The casting of the movie is really good.

9. Slow Motions – Good

Well slow motions is the master-piece of Amal Neerad. Well the slow motions was pretty descent.

#Suggestions or #DisLikes


1. Prithvi Raj Title Intro

Loved the Title intro. But I would suggest the title intro of Prithvi Raj would have been great if it was done after the character was introduced.

2. Role played by Mamtha

I would also suggest that, Mamtha could have given a lil more to act in the movie. Instead of just appearing in 3 or 4 scenes, her role could have made a little more wider.

3. Prithvi Raj talks with Prakash Raj

Hmm.. well I dislike this scene. Well the scene could have taken in a different way holding the suspense that the movie broke at that time.

4. Prakash Raj Murder

Really disliked this scene. The scene play was really unwanted. I would suggest to make the kill of Prakash Raj during the talk scene with Prithvi Raj ( the scene to be taken in a different way )rather than at the car parking lot  and also bringing of Mamtha to that scene was really unwanted.

5. Climax Stunt

For a action packed movie, the climax was not as much thrilling. Instead of fighting 10 villains for a short time, 4 to 5 villains for a little more time with a well packed and organized stunt moves (with the dagger or else )would have been awesome.

6. Story way

Well, wont say the story is bad, what I really expected was a twist. A story twist as like of Fanna, Pokkiri etc would have made the movie more thrilling.

7. Prithvi Raj @ Bomb Blast Scene ( Flash Back)

The act of Prithvi Raj during the Bomb blast scene, which he tells flash back seemed artificial. The way he drops the cigarette at the blast and the way he runs after the blast very poor.

My Rating : 6.7 / 10

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  1. #anwar, a shameless ripoff of ‘traitor’. Even without the stylized shots ‘traitor’ has more suspense and is intense.#anwar is a highly stylized movie with a good story and a valuble message, the screenplay is the weakest link and it fails the movie.a lesson from #anwar. you can rip or adapt stories from all over the world, but when it comes to screenplay there is no easy way out.where #anwar scores is the msg it conveys and the bravery of filmmakers to make such a movie in a religiously sensitive community like India.the action sequences,cinematography and direction have raised the bar of action movie genre in Malayalam. Its the best Ive seen in Malayalam.the loose screenplay ruins the thrill of climax, you have to settle by watching the eye candy action sequence which tries lift the intensity.Theme song very similar to ‘pulp fiction’, overall its a watchable malayalam movie and i give it a 6.5/10

  2. Excellent review .. well analyzed.. exactly the same thoughts I felt when I watched teh movie.. It has its positives than any other crap movies ,but at the same time lot of negatives.. I also didn’t like the placement of a rap song at teh end , ver unsuitable for a movie like thi. also They could have splitted teh flash back scenes ,while still holding teh suspend element.

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