Blackberry Playbook to hit Indian markets in a Month

Hey blackberry lovers, its time for some play. Finally Research In Motion (RIM) annouced that their well anticipated Playbook version is ready to hit Indian markets in coming 30 days. The Canadian based wireless company has launched BB Playbooks in US and Canada in last April as a strong contender for the apple counter part I-pad and since then these pieces are being sold like hot cakes.

Now along with India the Playbook is to be released in 15 more countries including U.K, France , Germany and so on. In India the BB is trying to target the Blackberry users which are above million at the moment as, Wi-fi enabled Playbook can link the BB smart phones through blackberry Bridge without the need to subscribe to  a wireless carrier.

The prices of Indian market are yet to be announced but the wi-fi only Playbook which comes with  a 7 inch display, arrives  in three varients as of 499$ to 699$ , each having storage capacities of 16,32 and 64 Gb respectively. With RIM also planning to launch its 3G and 4G versions that run on wireless later year which also offers Andriod as well as native e-mail, they are sending a clear message to the opponents and that is nothing but, BB means Business.

So any hardcore B’berrys here wanna to shoot  in  more tech-specs..??  target comment box…have a go 😉