1. its our whole system to be blame, the LULU mall has given the people of deshabhimani road a hectic and miserable life for almost a month, still continuing, even the bus route was been cancelled

    the KSEB &(contractors of LULU) has been laying the electric cable for which they have cut the road in the exact middle as no traffic could go here or there, laying a electric line for a private company these people has put lives of 1000’s in a stand still for a month, inside story is all the local and top level concerned parties has been bribed for keeping their mouth shut, lakhs of vehicles pass through this road now and get damaged, present scenario of this road is RED in color the cut was filled with Jelly and red mud and with down pour for few days its become RED SWIMMING POOL here its looks like some deserted place in Africa..

    if the petrol price is hiked in international level only kerala people react with bandh or hartal, when saddam hussain was hanged they protested here with a half day bandh, now where is the concern gone?

  2. Interesting fact is that when we buy a vehicle we pay Road tax for a lifetime and we hardly use it for more than 5 years..Still this is the state of our roads.

  3. Have no words to express how much I liked this..have posted it in my twitter and facebook.. It was nice to see something I experience every time I travel in Kochi and also, between Kochi and Trivandrum (via Alleppey). During Kerala Travel Mart, the concerned authorities said, govt. had attempted everything to get the roads repaired. They were referring to the ‘best gutter roads’ from High Court Jn towards Bolgatty. But, government couldn’t because there wasn’t sunshine for three continuous days – between May and September.. unbelievable, I’d say!

    Resmi Jaimon

  4. Nice work Lixon.:) Yesterday I saw two guys in two wheelers at Thevara Junction in bike. Those guys would have gone under the bus. Thank god that they fall at a distance. Road seems to be deadly at Thevara and Naval Base. Sacred Heart College (Cochin) friends, take care..
    Feel ashamed to say these kind of roads are there in cochin.. And imagine one day fly-over comes in cochin, if you got stuck in block in a fly over at cochin, the only way to get down is to jump..
    Gods own country rocks!!! 😛

  5. We shall overcome
    We shall overcome
    We shall overcome some day

    Oh, deep in my heart
    I do believe
    We shall overcome some day.


  6. Good Initiative,
    Also classification of Gutters from 1 to 7 STAR

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