Breaking: Kochi IPL Team to play in IPL 4!

The Kochi IPL team is all set to play in Indian Premier League 4 after a massive battle against all odds and making painful sacrifices.

At CochinSquare, we had initially decided not to cover the Kochi IPL news because every other day, it would be given more time, and then decided to be scrapped and then again time extended and scrapped again. But, today BCCI has finally given the ultimate nodded to allow the Kochi franchisse.

There is a new stadium being build by the Kerala Cricket Association to make sure we get a pie of the games to watch live and cheer for.

Now, what will be the name of the new Kochi IPL team? Who will be the Kochi IPL coach? What about the players in the team? We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information.

Update: Hindustan Times has some information about the ownership patterns of the Kochi IPL –

The investors — Anchor Earth, Parinee Developers, Rosy Blue and Film Wave — hold 74% of the equity.

The remaining 26% lies with the Gaikwad family –Shailendra, his brother Ravi and their parents all part of Rendezvous Sports World — as free equity for services rendered while bidding.

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  1. The ownership pattern is wrong. It is the old pattern you have posted here, which was the prime reason for all these conflicts. Now a revised pattern is proposed.

  2. The New pattern is:
    Anchor Earth – 31.42%
    Parinee Developers – 30.72%
    Film Waves Combine – 13.97%
    Anand Shyam Estate – 9.3%
    Vivek Venugopal – 5%
    Rendezvous Sports World – 10% (5%free, 5%paid)

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