Bus Day to be inaugurated tomorrow in Cochin

We have days for all sorts of reasons, day for lovers day for diseases day for all kinds of things imaginable. But how many of them are really socially acceptable or does something good for our community or give something back to the society we live in ?

Tomorrow Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) in association with Motor vehicle department ,Cochin is celebration Bus day . Yea , A day to encourage people to travel in our public transportation system. Everyday new vehicles are pouring into the road which increases Air pollution, Sound pollution adding incurable wounds to the environment .The bus day will encourage people to travel in buses and their reduce use of private vehicles which in turn reduese pollution and traffic .

The event will be inaugurated by transport minister Jose Thettayil in an event to be held tomorrow morningĀ  at Kakkanadu which will have the presence of Actor Dileep and other known peoples of politics as well.

Those who are participating in the event can mark your support for the event at the facebook event page.

We are taking bus to office tomorrow. Are you ??

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