Why do We do this? – A Video

This is a thought provoking video by Indias’ biggest business house, the Tata. A very compelling ad about India and its roots for their new venture TrueRoots.

Chinese Fishing Nets Of Kochi

The Chinese Fishing Nets of Kochi, if you did not know yet are a very popular tourist attraction of our city. I have been lucky a few times to see one of these in action quite a lot of times. This youtube video shows the net in action if you have not seen the fishing… Continue reading Chinese Fishing Nets Of Kochi

2 Things – Kerala Citizen Bloggers

KeralaCitizenBloggers is a team of youth who have been creating ripples with their latest video which asks the people of the state about 2 things they would change if they were the Chief Minister of Kerala. Interesting responses by the youth. Check it out here.