Cochin gets Squared!

Welcome to the unofficial home of the city of Cochin a.k.a Kochi in Kerala, India. Filled with interesting information bout the city and its famous suburbs, this site will give all those interested in the ancient port city of Kerala and one of the fastest developing cosmopolitan cities in India, all the information they ever need.

There are scores of websites ’bout this peaceful little city called Kochi, also known as the “Queen Of Arabian City“, but what makes this site so special ?

Well, we beg to differ from those websites that provide outdated information. This site is maintained by a team of webmasters who love the city for its beauty, serenity and filled with peace. The name Cochin in itself brings in us a pride, a sense of oneness to be living in one of the most beautiful cities in India. We bring you the latest in night life in Cochin, fun places to hang out and other sexy information from this south indian state.

So browse about the site and know more about the Republic of Cochin 😉

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By TheAnand

I am Anand Subramanian, a digital marketing consultant and is a passionate contribution to the city I live in. You can read more about me at or follow me on Twitter @theanand.