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With not much plans in mind for yesterday evening me and my friend Ranjith were planning to watch “Pranjiyettan” once again. Going through the timings of movie shows in Cinemax Cochin, Ranjith noticed the movie schedule for “Cocktail”. Remembering the script work of Anoop Menon in “PakalNakshatrangal”, with no second thoughts we decided to watch “Cocktail” @ Cinemax Cochin. The movie very much impressed us very much and worth watching. Moreover, our  meet with actor Jayasurya and actress Samvritha took our joy to more heights.

Now let me come to the review.

#iLike :


  1. Intro Music and visuals : Good

The intro music and visuals were simple and clean and very impressive. The intro score was very synced with the intro visuals. From the intro visuals to entry of the film really had a great flow and was very good.

2.  Young Couples – Anoop Menon and Samvritha : Excellent

Anoop Menon and Samvritha really resembled the young “love married” couples. The dialogues between each other had no artificiality. It had the flow how the young generation couples who talk and behave. Lovely!!!!

3. Dialogues – Simple and Clean : Excellent

The dialogues in the movie was very simple and clean. Really reflected the talks of normal people. Dialogues of Jayasurya “wow”, very simple and clean for his role and very very impressive. Dialogues of the company head nice. It reflected the talk of a person who had his higher studies abroad. Dialogues of the people at colony, very much to the local slang and style.

4. Scenes : Impressive

Really loved the way which the scenes were shot. The scene at the supermarket where Samvritha talks in the mobile phone and leaves her child behind was shot in a very natural way. Especially the way which Vallarpaadam was shot very impressive. Shot at the colony was also good. Shots inside the office, home, restaurant etc good. The lodge scene in which Jayasurya tries to take on Samvritha infront of Anoop Menon, reall great. Nice work Jayasurya!!

5. Songs and background Music: Good

The songs were impressive. Loved the lyrics and its music. Background really need to mention : great work. The background score of Jayasurya was awesome and it also synced with other background music when mixed together.

5. Suspense : Kudoos (no words to say)

The suspense was rocking. The movie was about to end, I tried to predict the suspense (which normally was correct every time), but it took the round off. Twist from what the we would expect when the movie was about the end. Really hats off for that work.

6. Story : Great

The story reflected very much to the life of the present generation couples. Hats off for choosing the particular theme and working out well.. And as Anoop Menon said ” This is a story in 2010″

#Suggestions and #Dislikes or #Flaws :

Well, I really have no dislikes  to mention. I enjoyed the movie through out. Well suggestions/flaws yea, but for that I need to catch the very simple things else there is nothing to mention

  1. The scene @ KFC Gold Souk Cochin, even though the KFC display pic at the entry was covered, it was still visible (blurred) at screen.
  2. I would suggest to have lyrics of the song played in a colony  in Hindi or Tamil instead of Malayalam .
  3. A shot in the colony the camera was shaking very much, could have avoided a bit.
  4. Would suggest to avoid the last scene and try something another, because it highlights a big flaw “a project lead not knowing fellow worker’s suicide attempt” … But none noticed it..

My rating : 8.4 / 10 (could give a 9 but considered even the minor flaws and the last scene)

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  1. Would suggest to avoid the last scene and try something another, because it highlights a big flaw “a project lead not knowing fellow worker’s suicide attempt” … But none noticed it..

    now ppl wll start noticing this flaw 😀

  2. enthutu review annada ethu poi original kanada “Butterfly on a Wheel” mimikry karanum pazhaya serial nadanum koodi ooombhchu vachirikunna padathil 300 fame gerad butlur 300 fame and Pierce Brosnan koodi thakarthathu poi kannada manasilaya

  3. The movie has been lifted frame by frame from a Hollywood movie by the name Butterfly on a wheel. The makers of Cocktail deserve no accolades for this movie and they did not even consider giving due credits for the original as the credits rolled or at the beginning.

  4. The very fact that they succesfully made a complete movie in Malayalam, in the surroundings and situations here, based on a Hollywood (technically Canadian) movie, is in itself a big achievement.

    With all respect to the other commenters here, When you deny them the appreciation, you are missing something.

    And Jayakrishnan J, actually it’s not frame by frame. The story is. Not the settings or situations.

  5. Hey, have u seen the original movie Butterfly on a wheel came out in 2005. Also the website ‘cocktailthemovie’ is not yet published.

  6. I havent read this review yet (read only the comments till now coz i dont wanna take in spoilers), but i wud like 2 say something 2 all the naysayers…

    The acusation of “Lifting frame by frame” is not limited to malayalam movie industry alone. We have seen a lot of the so called ‘unofficial’ remakes or ‘freemakes’ and the recent being Anwar(Traitor) and Knock Out(Phone Booth).

    It is one thing to lift a movie, but do it successfully, u gotta give credits to the team. As i said Anwar and Knock Out have not been critically or financially successful…

  7. not watched this movie yet, but seeing the trailer guessed it wld b BUTTERFLY ON THE WHEELS. and saw the teams interview in Manorama News channel. they said tht the movie was adapted from a western film means they r not hiding the truth. my opinion is there is no harm in copying good concepts to malayalam as far as justice is made to the movie. today malayalam movie lacks subject. so if good concepts r brought to malayalam its a good thing to do. if the movie is a success then it is bcoz of the ability of the movie makers. we have seen several hit movies been remaked to other language and not even able to achieve moderate success. in fact after watching the original movie i wished if it was remaked to an indian cinema; but never expected tht it wld come out in our own malayalam. all i wld say is WELL DONE COCKTAIL TEAM. we need more movies like this with excellent concept and variety. in short we r fed up of repeatation.

  8. Anwar=traitor, nirnayam=figitive, yodha= the golden child, various priyadarsan films…., big b= four brothers,

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