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  1. hi….

    i have a great idea to make kochi a tourist destination!
    why dont we have Disney’s universal studio here? it will bring lots of foreigners as well as people from other states….. that would generate a huge amount of income and also will bring development in service sector….. this would also develop our infrastructure…..

    we could also develop a giant wheel at menaka….. like in Singapore and London….. kerala is becoming a consumer state so we can get income only from service sector and also tourism….. we must utilize this for making kerala one of the top state of India and also kochi a best metros in India!

  2. the photograph posted in your site a 1970s marine drive photo wich it is supposed to be i doubt the picture becas i dont think any structures existed opposite to sealord hotel in kochi during thattime plz clarify on this as i feel this looks like some place in chennai awaiting reply

  3. We are planning to develop a web site for Kochi. The web site should help the NRI’s, Tourists and the residents of Kochi, to get the best value for their money that they spend in Kochi. I hope I can contribute a lot

  4. Cochin is a city of love. She attract to every body using her beuty and intelligent. She never cheat any one. Cochin is the mother land of many big intestries. So I return back to Cochin from mumbai. And now we are starting a new business based on cochin market. I love cochin very much in other words, she is my second lover.

  5. Hello. I am maria a kochite who loves her city. I jus love to read your articles and am happy to be filled by the various current beats of Cochin…really amazing wrks by your guys….presently am working as a web journalist in a cochin based website and am looking for a new one…to explore my ideas …can I be a part of your company …if so please mail me soon…thanks for stopping by …


  6. Awesome work man!!! Presently I am working as a Content Editor..I would like to extend my service onto you and be a part of your team…Looking forward for a positive reply.

  7. The old photograph shown as the SeaLord hotel, Cochin is incorrect. The photo is that of the LIC Building in Chennai(Madras) on Anna Salai (Mount Road). Please change or make the correction. Thank you.

  8. Avial concert at Kochi, Dubar Hall Grounds on 17 Feb at India’s first ever International Contemporary Art Festival, 6pm onwards..Entry free.

  9. Iam interested to study westernn dance.can you sent me the timetable of classes?so that i can try to adjust my time according to that.

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