Dealing With heavy Traffic at Vytilla

The Vytilla Junction , one of the busiest place in Cochin is a bottleneck when the whole stretch of the bypass road is considered. The time we save with the awesome bypass road is just lost because of the heavy traffic at the Vytilla Junction . To resolve this extreme traffic issue architects have come up with loops of roads since the traffic is gonna rise up when the mobility hub becomes operational.

Loops will be built to stop the cross road traffic and the media will extend through the junction as well. There will be two circular loops at the vytilla mobility hub. Heavy vehicles will use outer loop and small vehicles can use the inner circle. The construction has started and will be ready to go with in a few months.

Check out the current development of Vytilla Mobility hub from the picture below.

Light vehicles from Vyttila Mobility Hub should take the Tripunithura road via Vyttila Junction to enter the NH and from there to Sahodaran Ayyappan road via the underpass at Thykkoodam.

Vehicles from the city can reach the mobility hub by takingĀ  turn left at Vyttila Junction and proceed to Thammanam and from there to the railway underpass and Kaniyampuzha Road.

The heavy vehicles from the mobility hub should take the Tripunithura road and NH to enter the Vegetable Market at Nettoor and take a U-turn to get back to the Vyttila Junction through the Highway.

The stretch from Vyttila Junction to the entry point of the mobility hub on Tripunithura road should be made exclusive for the vehicles from the hub.

This will be a temporary setup. The ultimate solution will be a flyover which might take quite some to construct.

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  1. The idea is good, but the way things happen in Kochi, we have to tackle the private bus fellows and other interested parties, so as to understand and accept this deviation. We should keep in mind the recent happenings regarding berthing of vessels in W. Island / ICTT and the like. Remember the relocation of a bus stop in Trippunithura a few months back and how the powerful vyaapari lobby defeated the modification, which had eased the block in Kizhakkekotta area during the time when the modification was in place.

    Here, unless the authorities concerned start having dialogue with the bus operators from now itself, there WILL be vehement opposition at the time of opening of the mobility hub. Buses will simply not agree to this long detour (going to Nettoor and coming back) and the purpose of mobility hub will be defeated. Efforts have to be started to tackle this (acceptance of deviated route) from now itself, so that this will not become a problem at the eleventh hour………

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