EatherWay : software by Alignminds Technologies, Kochi

phoneFrom now on, you no longer have to wait in long queues to meet your doctor. Schedule your appointment and get your tokens by just sending SMS from your mobile phone. EatherWay, a software developed by Alignminds Technologies, Kochi will enable doctors and patients to communicate with each other 24X7. EatherWay, an integration of three communication media – SMS, internet and telephony, acts as a platform to send and receive text messages and an automated system to receive and respond to voice calls. The users can choose the medium with which they are comfortable with as the software provides enormous flexibility.

Doctors need to subscribe to EatherWay either by registering online or with the help of the solution consultants in order to avail these services. They will be provided with an ID code after registering. Patients can register to this software either by online or by sending a mobile text message. They can search for doctors and book their appointments. The format for sending SMS is (dr,<space>doctor id <space>date). The patient will then receive the date, time and token number by SMS. If the doctor is not available, then you’ll be getting the next available dates through SMS. Appointments can be fixed either by using automated telephony by dialing 0484-4116070 or by logging onto You’ll be provided with necessary assistance and information like the ID of the doctor and SMS formats for booking or cancellig appointments. 150 doctors have already registered with EatherWay. So next time, when you need a doctor, appointment with your doctor is just an SMS away.

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  1. wow…tthats an interesting piece of news. …doctor management system…..the true success of these companies will depend on how much the normal user will use them when he needs such services….

    i still prefer calling up my fave. doctor over phone to book an appointment… 🙂

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