Excel 2013 | Technical – Management Fest

Event –  Excel 2013  | Technical – Management Fest

Organized by –  Govt. Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara

Dates –  September 26-28, 2013

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If you understood whatever that gibberish meant, you’ve probably paid attention in digital electronics (either that or you’re a computer).
But seriously, haven’t you ever wanted to do cool stuff with the things you learned in engineering or management? Just have fun with it?

That is where Excel 2013 comes in. Started in 2001 with the very same vision of giving engineers a chance to have fun and learn new stuff, Excel has grown over a period of 13 years to incorporate so much more.

With the funky motto ‘Inspire | Innovate | Engineer ‘and a deluge of over 60 technical and nontechnical events, workshops, seminars and conferences on latest trends and technology, exhibitions and displays of the latest technical wizardry, talks, open debates, scintillating pro-shows, Excel 2013 is a mecca for engineering and management students out for fun, (cash) and fame, and even working professionals sick of their 9 to 5 jobs 🙂

Participants can not only have fun [and make some ₹₹₹s in the process ;)] in a variety of competitions(and we’ve got a LOT), but can learn cool new stuff at our hands-on workshops, meet like-minded people, interact with the big names of the industry, and above all, JUST HAVE FUN!

We’ve got something for EVERYONE(and when we say that, we mean it). Roboteers, Footballers, Coders, Quizzers, High School students, Daredevils, Managers, Photographers, Innovators, Designers, Professionals, whatever you may be, we’ve got something for you!

● Feel like building a robot capable of wiping the floor with other robots in battle? Come take part in Robowars!

● Graduates and Postgraduates, would you like to present your research paper and start your journey on the road to fame and fortune (or just get some cash for presenting a paper :P)? Papyrus of Ani is just for you!

● Good at electronic circuitry?? Try a hand at our debugging events like Extrinsicity, Defuse and Lifeline!

● Got the itch to hack something? Test your skills against other hackers at Hackmaster!

● ‘C’ coders! Stay in the comfort of your home or hostel and prove that you are the best damn coder around in our unique online coding competition #Include!

● Think you create good apps or love Artificial Intelligence? Have a go at AppGenius and Web Bots!

OR if you aren’t into that techie stuff ( By the way, still trying to decode the binary code on top or just didn’t bother with it? It meant HELLO! Just FYI 😉 ), we’ve got another stack of events  lined up just for you!

● Good at solving puzzles or solving crime? Just see if you can beat our riddlers and solve Kryptos or play detective at C.S.I!

● Think you are untouchable at football? Work your magic at 3’s Football!

● Line up that perfect headshot, drift the tightest corners, smother the competition, make that impossible shot to score a goal and prove that you have ‘l33t’ shooting, driving, footballing, HECK! even Temple-Running skills at Counter Strike, DOTA, FIFA, NFS (and even Temple Run!) at our GameZone.

● Feeling particularly adventurous? Prove it at SpiderWeb!

● Management dudes! Think you can put those principles you learned, to the test and emerge the ‘Best Manager‘ ?

PROs! How would you like to establish  beyond all doubt that you are still THE best,t and earn some money on the side? We’ve got an exclusive segment filled with events just for you – Excel PRO !

Learn new tricks and skills(technical and general) at our hands-on workshops and seminars. Be a part of fierce debates in .ISSUE! (your chance to be on TV, as .ISSUE! Is broadcasted on TV channels too!), exhilarating live concerts by the best performers at the Excel PRO SHOW, jaw dropping stunts and the slickest wheels in Moto Shows.

Technical and Non-Technical Exhibitions that present a bunch of cool new stuff from new bikes to new ways of generating electricity, cool new inventions by enterprising inventors of IBETO (Innovations for a Better Tomorrow) and IBETO Junior, and even projects by our freshmen students at MECLabs all complete what we would like to call the ‘FFA (Fun For All) Package’.Excel 2013 banner
See! We weren’t kidding about having something for everyone.

WE’ll update our site at  www.excelmec.org soon with more details! Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you!

Also, conducted in parallel to Excel 2013 is TEDxMEC 2013, head on over to www.tedxmec.com to know

So, this September, if you find yourselves roaming unfettered in Kochi or feel like you just have to prove the best at what you do, earn some cash or want to learn a bunch of cool new stuff to impress others or just want to have FUN, head on over to Govt. Model Engineering College and register for Excel 2013 (WARNING – Excel 2013 is labeled as a ‘Infectiously fun zone!’. Enter at your own risk!).

Event Details

Initiatives: IBETO(Innovations for Better Technology), IBETO Junior, TEDxMEC, Developers Conference

Computer Science:
App Genius, 4*120, Hack Master, Web Mandrake, Web Bots, #include, LOC

Extrinsicity, Robolts, Robowars, Defuse, Wave Cloning

Lumiere, Extundo Prodigo


General Quiz, 3s Football, Moto show, Fun Zone, Gaming, Fun Zone, Crime Scene Investigation,  Online Photography, Instant Photography, Best Manager, Short Film, Treasure Hunt, Spider Web,  Rube Design, Kryptos, Principia Mathematica, Papyrus of Ani, Dalal Bull

Lectures and Workshops:
.issue, and many other workshops.

How to Reach MEC –

Govt. Model Engineering College, one of India’s top institutes for engineering , is located in the quiet surroundings of Thrikkakara, within close proximity to Kochi city yet sufficiently removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

By Road – Kochi is well connected by road to all parts of India by 3 national highways and numerous other routes. Bus services are available from almost all major cities in Kerala, Tamil nadu and Karnataka.The college is located 4 km from Edappally Toll Jn on NH-47 , NH-17. Buses are available from all main centres in Kochi. The private and KSRTC bus stations are situated just 8km away from the college.

By Rail – Ernakulam is a major railway destination with trains running to all parts of the country. College is located 6 km from Ernakulam North Railway station, 10 km from Ernakulam South Railway station and 15 km from Aluva Railway Station.

By Air – Kochi has an international airport connected by major aircraft operators. MEC is situated 20 km from Cochin International Airport along NH-47.

Within Kochi and Ernakulam – The college can be reached from Edapally by taking buses to Pookatupadi, Perumbavoor, Kothamangalam and disembarking at Thrikkakkara temple bus stop. The college is about 1km from the bus stop.The college can be reached from Kaloor Bus Stand ,Ernakulam South and Ernakulam North railway station by taking buses to Kakkanad and disembarking at NGO quarters ,which is located 1.5 km from MEC.

Autorikshaws are available from both Thrikkakara and NGO quarters.

For any queries please feel free to contact us –

Vishnu K (Chairman, Excel 2013)

Vishnu Satheesh (Secretary, Excel 2013)

George K Abraham (Public Relations, Excel 2013)

Amal M Ashok (Marketing Head, Excel 2013)

Farsana Majeed K (Marketing Head, Excel 2013)

Nikhil Mathew (Hospitality/Events Manager)