Fortune Isle Resort @ Koramkotta Dweep

Want to blow off some steam and get away from the stress of the city & the working life? How about a resort on a little tiny islet? Sounds like fun!

A serene & calm place, Fortune Island Resort is located in Koramkotta Dweep, an islet, few kilometers away from Kochi town. The resort is about 2.5km by waterways from High court Jn Boat Jetty and also accessible from Chittor Boat Jetty. As you alight from the boat you’ll feel your stress wash away with that complimentary glass of lemonade that the ever attentive staff at the resort will offer you with a welcoming smile.

Want to blow Situated on a lovely landscaped half acre the islet has two sides facing the backwater / river. There are two tiled roof cottages each having two rooms. Three bamboo huts well furnished face the backwaters. Another three bamboo huts on top of the restaurant also gives a good view of the backwaters. One of the cottages has been converted into a dormitory.

Feel like having an ayurvedic massage to rub away at those sore spots? The resort can take care of that. Yoga classes as well. And once the hunger pain seeps in, the staff can prepare for you a delicious variety of vegetarian & non-vegetarian food to tempt an palate. The resort has a large outdoor dinning hall that can also be used for conducting a training/seminar or a meeting.

They also have an a/c dance floor with lazers & lights and a live DJ – dance the night away and rock out to your favorite numbers. Worries, tension & pressure will not survive the extent of your stay in the resort. It’s a great way to have your employees/family/friends unwind once in a while.

For more details, please visit the official website of Fortune Isle Resorts.

And maybe I’ll see you there!