Fun Cinemas multiplex in Gold Souk Cochin

The multiplex tradition was brought to Cochin by Cinemax which is running successfully at Oberon mall. After the arrival of Cinemax in Cochin, may be other multiplex giants found Cochin as a big market. Proving this statement Gold souk mall Cochin is going to bring you the multiplex giant, The Fun cinemas to the City.

A 4 Screen multiplex of Fun cinemas is on the list of project in gold souk Grande Cochin. Slowly Cochin is inching towards becoming a real metropolitan city. Hopefully by the end of this year we can have another choice of multiplex, thanks to gold souk and Fun cinemasJ.


  1. Hail Cochin,

    Again Cochin, cochin is cruising into the metropolitan status.
    This shows the capability & money value to the outsiders.

    Lucky to be cochinte……………….

  2. Its not fun cinemas… Its Q Cinemas…. The mall will be fully functional by the beginning of November

  3. i think it is a new one…. i had been to gold souk last week.. then one of the shop owners said q cinemas had strtd off but currently its only for them…. by the end of october it will be open for the public

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