Half Marathon: Spice Farms Charity Race is Happening This Month

“The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart” said Bill Bowerman, American track and field coach and co-founder of Nike, Inc. The young and young at heart of Kochi are fast taking up running as a hobby  and as a result, the city is turning host to numerous marathons and half-marathons in recent times.

Soles of Cochin runners club, of the biggest running clubs in the city is organizing a race called – “Spice Farms Charity Race” on 24th May 2015. The run is organized to raise money for “Mother Care”, an organization that provides support for differently abled children. The Spice Farms Race was first conducted last year by the club and was named so owing to the route that was taken – through the spice farms located en route.

spice farms race soles of cochin

There are multiple categories in which runners can participate starting from 5KMs and all proceeds go to the charity. Register online using this form before 17th May if you want to participate and meet other members of Soles of Cochin on their Facebook Group. Let’s Run for a greener and healthier tomorrow!

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  1. A well written blog. I am happy to learn that Kochi is warming up to recreational running. As far as I know the Spice Coast Marathon is the only Marathon in Kochi. It is the only marathon in the whole Kerala. Kochi does not have ” numerous ” marathons or half marathons. Unfortunately even 5k and 10k races are often mistakenly called marathons.


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