Ival Ente Kochi: Ajith Mathew musical shows the beauty of Kochi

Kochi is not a city, it is an emotion. Everybody who has been associated with the city will have the same to say. It is a city that gives you an energy and vibe that makes you want more. It has a magical composition.

Ajith Mathew conveys the same with his latest album – Ival Ente Kochi. The song is like a travelogue through the common as well as rare spots of Kochi. The song has beautiful and mesmerizing shots of Kochi striking a chord with every Kochite. The singers are Arun Alat and Siddharth Menon of Thaikkudam bridge fame.

YeLove Music is Ajith Mathew’s record Label and this is his third song. Ival Ente Kochi has already crossed 1 lakh views on Youtube in less than a week. The previous two songs are also still making noise. The first song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Siddharth Menon just crossed 4 million views. The other song YAMI has crossed 8 Lakh views.

Ajith is able to create hits after hits with his music and on being asked how he does it, he says “it is about understanding what the people wants to hear and that’s my secret”. Judging by the reception of the video, we think he understands Kochi pretty well!

He came up with Ival Ente Kochi because he wanted to give in something for the city that has been giving him a lot.  He is a passionate Kochi Machan.

I am sure we all can agree with Ajith. Kudos to the YeLove team and a special thanks to Ajith for creating such beautiful songs especially one for Kochi.

If you have not heard this beautiful song yet, here is the link.

Listen to all songs from the Yelove playlist below:

Experience Kochi and you will not want to miss it. Did you spot all the places where the video was shot? Let us know in the comments!


By Neethu Thomas

She who loves Kochi for its malls and city life experiences. . . . follow me on twitter @neeths