Kalpathy Carnatic Music Festival from 14th November 2010

Kalpathy and its 18 ‘agraharams’ (Brahmin villages) in the town are getting a face lift for the  Kalpathy festivals. The six-month long season for temple festivals for the 96 ‘agraharams’ in Palakkad begins with this Kalpathy Chariot festival.

The chariots of the four temples of Kalpathy ‘agraharams’ are being repaired and painted. They will roll through the streets on November 14, marking the beginning of the festival. The festival starts at Kalpathy in the last week of Tamil month Aippasi and ends with the festival in Thirunellai village in the second week of Vaikasi.

There will be a six-day Carnatic Music Festival, organised as part of the festival by District Tourism Promotion Council.