Karyasthan Movie Review

When you walk in to a movie whose scriptwriters happen to be Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas, all you look for is entertainment and not a layered story. Karyasthan is no exception in terms of story, but the question remains, does it deliver the entertainment? The honest answer would be Yes.

Karyasthan rests on a very thin story line of two families who are at each other’s throat due to an incident which happened years ago. Enter Krishnan Unni (Dileep) as the ‘karyasthan’ of one of the families. Krishnan Unni is related to one of the families and his sole purpose is to bring the two families back together as they once were before the hatred began. How he achieves his goal forms the rest of the story.

The character of ‘Karyasthan’ Krishnan Unni is tailor made for Dileep and he excels at making the character his own. Though the character offers nothing new to the actor, Dileep steps into the Karyasthan’s shoes and delivers a pleasing performance.

Akhila is very good and impresses as Sreebala. Though her character has less screen time, she has good screen presence and is definitely has a bright future. Suraj, Salim Kumar and Harisree Ashokan take care of the comedy department and have to say Suraj stands out once again.

Music directors Berny Ignatius come up with some good hummable songs which have been beautifully and colourfully picturised. Though some of the intended comedies fall flat, the duo of Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas have come up with a good commercial script with loads of fun and entertainment. The story happens to be a tried and tested formula but director Thomson has done well to keep the audience interested. Thomson has done considerably well in his debut venture and is surely another promising commercial director.

On the filp side, the movie overstays its welcome by a considerable 15 – 20 minutes. The action scenes appear clumsy at times.

Karyasthan is a fast paced entertainer with good fun quotient. Catch it at cinemas and you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I saw the movie Karyasthan; to summarise i would say the movie is “boring”. its a waste of time and money to watch the movie. there is nothing new in the script; same old story with same old comedy tracks. i cant understand how Dileep took and accepted this kind of a scrap story….

  2. janapriya nayakan dileep will become a superstar 1 day lets wait for that day and karyasthan will get record in the box office

  3. Udaya sibi team is back with full time comedy entertainer Dileep and Suraj make it fantastic. Dont miss it realy like all of them.

  4. I enjoyed the movie very well.
    Dileeep ettans back on the race after some recent flops
    It was amazing!
    Suraj adipoli

  5. what a crap story…nothin new in it……
    the 1st half was really boring with disapponting comedies..
    the nxt half was better…so many actors were added which gives nothing to the story…dileeps 100th film disappoints!!!!!!!

  6. Suraj and Salim kumar is amazing but Dileep acting like a big hero. What we are expecting from Dileep is like Kalyanaraman, Panjabi House but that kind of expectation he cannot fullfil in this movie


  8. Dont abuse our supreme lord krishna with these types of dirty musics or film.Dont make fun with the idol of lord krishna.Don’t be silly with such …………

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