Kerala Twestival at Cochin

The city of Cochin is going to join forces with various cities across the world this 25th of March 2010 with the Twitter Festival or Twestival as it is known. A meetup of twitter users is also organized in with conjunction with this event.

What is a Twestival?
A Twestival or Twitter-Festival is a global series of events organized by volunteers around the world under short timescales via Twitter, which brings people offline for a great cause. (source)

This is the first twestival in Cochin and it is to be held at Somewhere else cafe in Cochin with a few gigs that you are sure to love!

As per the official blog, the current set of events at the Twestival are:

  • ELECTROWESTIVAL, exclusively for Kerala Twestival, by Cochin’s Electro Boy DJ Arvee
  • Stand Up Comedy by Siddharth, KochiVibe
  • Techno-Humour Geek Extravaganza by Binny the blogger

Essential information about the Cochin Twestival:

City – Cochin

Venue – Somewhere Else (Only Free wifi cafe in Cochin)
Date  – Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time  05:00 PM
Hashtag: #cochintwestival

So, if you are a twitter user or not, catch all the action! Questions? Ask in the comments section!

By TheAnand

I am Anand Subramanian, a digital marketing consultant and is a passionate contribution to the city I live in. You can read more about me at or follow me on Twitter @theanand.