Kerala Urban Development Society

The future of Kerala depends on how quick our cities adapt to meet the challenges of the globalized world.  Kerala cities are just not competing with other Indian Metros in IT, Biotechnology or Tourism but to major South Asian cities as well. But lack of a planned urban vision, incompetent executive bodies, dearth of funds et al has conspired against our cities, attaching a significant weight to its legs in the road forward.

Our urban development bodies, be it the Corporation, PWD, Roads and Bridges Development Corporation or GCDA lack the vision, manpower or funds to carry out the bludgeoning needs of the urban sets. This is where a few city-oriented working groups and NGOs have stepped in, one of the notable ones being Kerala Urban Development Society. (KUDS)

KUDS is a Cochin based organization formed to offer a holistic approach to the primary peeve: urban planning and sustainable development in our cities. KUDS has in its ranks individuals, groups and Governmental organizations to devise and implement elaborate and systematic plan of action for infrastructure development with the involvement of Public and Private Partnership in Kerala and Cochin in particular.

The idea of  ‘citizens working for the city’ has been successfully tried and tested everywhere in the world. With some very high profile members like Mercy Williams (Cochin Mayor),  EC Jose (Chairman, Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry)and D. Dhanuraj (Chairman, CPPR) adorning their ranks, KUDS plan to include the expertise from NRIs, professionals and corporates during various phases of job execution.

Only a few months into its formation, KUDS has already envisaged and implemented a few notable projects which could be pivotal for the Queen. The Vytilla Mobililty Hub is heading towards realization, thanks also to the efforts of Mr. Dhanuraj, by influencing the power circles in the state and nation capitals.

Vytilla Mobility Hub Phase I

As a follow-up to the Vytilla terminal, KUDS now has now teamed up with leading architects like Ajith Associates,  planning minor satellite hubs by rearranging bus-stops with integrated mobility and also the MG Road walking plaza.

Exploring environmentally friendly energy sources is one area KUDS concentrate.  Making Cochin Kerala’s first solar-city is an ambitious programme undertaken by the Corporation in association with KUDS.  The main aim of the project is to power the city and promote increased use of renewable energy. Initially, solar lights will be installed at public places including Subhash Chandra Bose Park, Fort Kochi Nehru Park, Kunnara Park, Fort Kochi beach and Jankar Jetty. Early this year KUDS planned and organized a public presentation about a Enviromental and Ecofriendly energy concept in association with Synergy Environics. (details of all activities on KUDS website)

from KUDS/ Synergy Environics presentation

KUDS vision for a better urban tomorrow doesn’t end with plan of action. In order to validate the way they function, KUDS visualises to take up activities like:

  1. award to the public works contractor who implements projects in an exceptional manner adhering to international standards.
  2. organize ‘city-vision’ events in professional colleges and schools.
  3. Infrastructure-watch website to allow users to report issues with the problems in locality.
  4. create opportunity for contractor training with participation and invitations from other world-city planners.

Apart from illustrious office bearers and members, KUDS open their doors to NRIs, PIOs, Corporate representatives, students and professionals or anyone with a social responsibility and dedication to enrol in the team and pitch in for the welfare of the community we live in.

KUDS devises an elaborate and systematic plan of action for infrastructure development with the involvement of Public and Private Partnership in Kerala and Cochin in particular. From city beautification to planning and design, ecotourism to heritage conservation, provision of Wi-max connectivity to integration of GPS technology in social lifestyle, KUDS possesses the expertise to machinate executable proposals for projects in association with various Governmental and non-governmental organizations.

KUDS provides the right platform for citizens who are genuinely concerned about their city and obliges dutifully to give back to the city which has helped them in formatting their life and careers. For more details kindly contact:

Mr. Anup Joachim. T.
Secretary, Kerala Urban Development Society
I Floor, T. K. Towers, Pullepady Jn
Chittoor Road
Cochin, Kerala


Mobile: (0091) 95440 44440
(0091) 98099 09990


Twitter:  @KeralaUrbDevSociety

Facebook:  KUDS India

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  1. The awareness created by KUDS & its team in higlighting Kearla econmic growth is commendable..

    Proactive approach of Anup & team in Industrail investment of Kerala in variopus sectors like IT,Ecotorism,Infrastucture deveplment, City beatitification,Heritage conservation is to be appreciated.

    Also loved articles on Cochin Aerotropolis Railway Station which when commenced can bring down traffic joam in congested Kochi city..

    Plz let the good work carry on…..

  2. Finally, a news worth reading, mentioning, tweeting, and commenting on.

    I am expecting to see more follow ups to this article in much more big bang fashion.

  3. I did really love to see, the M.G Road walking plaza project take off soon . Last day , Sri. Thomas Issac proposed a 720 crore Road development Project for Kochi. I hope KUDS India does it’s part in implementing the Project as soon as Possible.

    This will be a major boost for other development projects and for the smooth flow of traffic.

  4. Cochin has great potential for eco-tourism. So, the main focus should be on city beautification and traffic decongestion. But at the same time, the city can be expanded outwards… Everything should be taken to consideration so that the actions dont make the already bad condition worse. For example, when they are planning the metro rail along the MG Road, there should be ample facilities to detour all the traffic, without bringing the city to a standstill!!! Juducious planning is essential…
    Wishing all the luck for this endeavour…

  5. My honest opinion is that the concepts of ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsible’ development are buzzwords made by the developed world AFTER reaching a state of development ‘unsustainably’ and ‘irresponsibly’. It is like professing ‘organic food’ to someone who is scavenging in the dump for his food.

    We will consider organic food, after we get an assured supply of ‘edible’ and ‘sufficient to sustain’ food to begin with.

    Specifically, I do not agree with the following concepts that had been flying around:

    1. ‘Take cars out of the roads’: This is applicable AFTER you have the basic road infrastructure in place.

    2. “Promote Public transit”: This is applicable only after you have the infrastructure to support it, like parking.

    3. “Go for renewable energy”: Applicable only after you have a public grid that can deliver energy at decent voltage and decently uninterrupted, and have the basic load covered.

    I want roads that can actually carry traffic smoothly, parking where you can actually park, and sidewalks where you can actually walk. THEN we will talk about all these things.

  6. @dileep, those are some very valid issues you have raised 🙂 I have been to kochi once and I believe in the heart of the city, these three things do not exist.

  7. there are a lot of cochinites abroad who wants to see their city progress. They are the ones who have seen the world and can bring ideas from around the world. Hope KUDS will provide a facility for such people to be part of this initiative.

  8. KUDS, though an organization based in Kochi, is working for the overall development of Kerala. 
    KUDS aims for a sustainable development and to find practical solutions to some of the major problems and issues which our cities are facing presently.
    It  should be noted that KUDS is on its way to becoming a PAN Kerala organisation.
    I appreciate the whole team behind KUDS for this wonderful endeavor and hope it becomes a grand success.

  9. This is a gr8 initiative and I hope it will help our cities to develop into mordern marvels and not just mere concrete jungles like bangalore and chennai

  10. Great work Anup and all of you…!!!
    I always use to think about what activities we can do as a forum like this….and you have worked out a good list of activities…in fact we can do eve more like
    Public awareness programmes about city’s issues and ways to solve things 
    -through media
    -through educational institutions –  infact making the school children aware of things at young age can bring a larger impact on the societies approach on these things in future.

    Great initiative on sustainable side – making of a solar  city.
    As Dileep said, yes urban sustainability can be achieved only after meeting the basic infrastructure, but we can already start of with things in smaller scale like planting trees, use of only solar street lights, use of recycled water in irrigating urban landscape, etc etc. 

    Lets make things happen!!!
    Cheers to all!!

  11. Thanks Scorpiogenius for this well written piece. We at KUDS appreciate it. You will be hearing more from our organization in the coming days. Our President ES Jose has a lot of ideas and vision for Kerala and its overall prosperity. One prominent member who wasn’t mentioned is P Rangadasa Prabhu the President of EDRAAC or the Ernakulam District Residents Association Apex Council. Anup Joachim the Secretary along with Namadev Prabhu the Treasurer will both be working hard to make your dreams into reality. Lets all make it a consolidated effort!!! Appreciate all those who have commented on this article. We need feedback and suggestions from our supporters as well as critic to improve ourselves and overall functioning and we welcome more comments about our organization in this article. To Scorpio we commend you again for a well written article

  12. This is a great initiative. Urbanization of Cochin still has a long way to go to cope up with the economic activities which are dependent on infrastructure, such as power, telecom, roads, water supply and mass transportation, coupled with civic infrastructure, such as sanitation and solid waste management. Analysis from the drainage system study reveals that 60% of the Kochi city area lacks proper drainage system. The existing network is inefficient, inadequate and majority of the drains are in filthy conditions. A number of identified areas in the city are frequently flooding during even moderate rains. The drainage systems empty their water and waste loads into water bodies and backwaters through the fairly flat terrain subjected to tidal effects . The traffic demand is also not met by the existing infrastructure. According to the study of Rail India Technical Economic Services (RITES), the congestion problem in Kochi is likely to worsen as the peak hour traffic demand is expected to vary from 15,000 to 19,000 trips on certain sections in 2005 to 20,000 to 43,000 trips in the year 2021 . Water supply sector is also realizing a gap between demand and supply . All these basic public services are expected to be delivered by the government. But how a government at a center (national or state centre) will identify the regional and local issues and address it? Where will be its position in the priority listings in the centre? Decentralization has come to a scene as a solution to these issues.

    KUDS(Kerala Urban Development Society) is a step in the right direction.
    The Build, Suceed, Expand Initiative would be KUDS motto.
    The Build Succeed Expand initiative involves the concept of macro vision, micro implementation and planned expansion of an initiative involving public participation, government private partnerships. Kerala stands to benefit a lot from this model because of the homogeneity of the population in the state, inter connectivity between towns and existing natural resources. Infrastructure projects the world over have been and continue to be the single largest contributor for the economic stimulus of an economy. It creates opportunities for more jobs, drives ancillary business opportunities, promotes spending and helps in the circulation of money in the market, which is the single most important element for growth.

    Kerala is starting late on the growth band wagon, but that does not necessarily mean a bad thing. It has the opportunity to assess and learn from mistakes in other states and cities and plan for those contingencies and beyond when executing these projects. It is important to have public participation in projects that are envisioned because it helps to understand people’s concerns, plan and address the relevant concerns and discard non-relevant issues there by sharpening vision with facts on ground for the common success of the project.

    Cochin is well poised to be the ideal test bed for the infrastructure initiative without which, it will witness one of the biggest market corrections when all the hype is leveled out with ground realities of incapable infrastructure.

    Fundamental requirements:

    Infrastructure – Water, Electricity, Roads, Communication, Sewage
    Connectivity – Air, Land, Sea

    Looking forward to more in the future from this organization

  13. hi….

    i have a great idea to make kochi a tourist destination!
    why dont we have Disney’s universal studio here? it will bring lots of foreigners as well as people from other states….. that would generate a huge amount of income and also will bring development in service sector….. this would also develop our infrastructure…..

    we could also develop a giant wheel at menaka….. like in Singapore and London….. kerala is becoming a consumer state so we can get income only from service sector and also tourism….. we must utilize this for making kerala one of the top state of India and also kochi a best metros in India!

  14. hello!,I like your writing very a lot! share we keep in touch extra about your post on AOL? I require an expert in this area to resolve my problem. Maybe that is you! Looking forward to see you.

  15. I love KUDS so much.I wish if there was something like this earlier.We want beautification,new technologies and our city should be like Las Vegas.Leave other Indian cities.If we go past them,we’ll be like them always.We want our city to be a universal city

  16. Excellent stuff..glad some folks feel responsible for our city. Kochi definitely has the potential to be a tier 1 city..with organizations like KUDS, i believe we’ll accelerate the process..with growth and investment..Kochi requires a planned and organized expansion..the best wishes for the organization..

  17. You really make it seem really easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I believe I might never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very vast for me. I am having a look forward in your next publish, I will try to get the cling of it!

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