Khati Rolls, anyone? – Dal Roti at Fort Kochi

dal-roti-kochi-cochinI’m new on Cochin Square, but couldn’t resist writing in!!!

If this is about Cochin, then there’s no way we can ignore the unique yet amazingly refreshing dining experience at Dal Roti. Located in Fort Cochin, on Lilly Lane, (take a right after Malabar House), its a restaurant which unerringly abides by its tag line – Desi Khana. North Indian food unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before and an experience you’ll want to repeat often. That’s a promise!

Blotchy walls, bright lights and basic wooden tables and chairs. That’s the first few minutes of your Dal Roti initiation. And then, in walks Ramesh. The first time I went to Dal Roti, I was won over with his very first line. Not very sure what to order from the menu, I asked Ramesh to help out. And he asked me, “How hungry are you?” WOW!

Ramesh owns Dal Roti and yet from taking your order to serving you to making your bill, he just does it all. An interesting conversationalist and an intrepid businessman to boot, he transforms Dal and Roti into a gastronomic event that will leave you asking for more.

dal-roti-fort-kochiMake no mistake, this is not a vegetarian eatery! No way! So first things first – go ahead and order a Chicken and egg Khati roll. Piping hot, crispy and oh so yummy, you’re not going to be able to finish the one! But you won’t be able to stop, either…from here on, the list just goes on.

Mughlai Parathas, (paratha stuffed with minced chicken and cooked to crisp perfection, Lachidar Parathas served with Lucknowi chicken, Paneer makhani and Aloo parathas. You know what? Its going to take you as many visits as dishes I’ve listed out, cos’ the portions are healthy and you’ll never be able to manage more than one dish at each visit.

Still, as I tell Ramesh every time I go there now. My strike rate is 100% and I’m always eager to know what he’s cooking up next, for my taste buds!

The crowd? A nice mix of local and tourist crowd, all eating the same things!! That’s the delightful part. Licking curry off their fingers, swiping off a lassi moustache, definitely peering into the food on the next table, there’s only one agenda here – Eat up! And whatever you don’t, will be very politely parceled and handed over to you – the desi version of a doggy bag.

In this city of over priced and over-rated(at least some of them are) restaurants, the one thing that will really shock you here is the pricing. A meal for a small family will definitely not exceed Rs. 250.00 – 300.00. This is Value for money at its absolute best! And that’s one more reason, why you will keep coming back.

From your second visit onwards, you will be greeted like an old friend and there won’t be any looking back after that.


So, what do you take back with you along with your doggy bag? A sense of well being thanks to the great food, modest bill, interesting crowd, lively chit chat and a new buddy – Ramesh!

So everyone! Check it out! And be sure to thank me once you get back from Dal Roti. Who knows, we just might bump into each other there!

More about Dal Roti, Fort Kochi

1/293, Lilly Street, Fort Cochin, Cochin 682 001
Tel: +91 484 2217655
Mobile: Ramesh: +91 98461 90052

By Simple Simon

Lived in Kochi all my life. For the first 23 years, I couldn't wait to get out. For the next 12, I did leave but I missed Kochi like crazy. And now, am back for good.....Don't know if its a good thing or bad thing.... So, I'll just let life figure that one out!


  1. North Indian food in Kochi! I loved it when I went to Manipal for a fortnight…got so used to the rotis that I made it a point to find a resturant in Kochi that provides it…..and this post comes! Thats like….god sent! Great review too…

  2. Good review… I have been there once.. food was delectable but what scored top for me was their buttermilk…never tasted anything like that before!..simply yummmalacious (thats a made up word btw)…just to show my liking for the namkeen lassi πŸ™‚

    Contemporary & warm ambiance….A must check out place!

  3. Been there four times already, and loved it even more each time.. πŸ˜€

    Last time I went there, I heard about some challenge that Ramesh Uncle throws to anyone.. If they finish something off all by themselves, they get to have it free.. Apparently, though, it’s an impossible task in itself.. Forget the name of the dish though.. Anybody enlighten me?? I’m thinking of eating nothing from morning one of these days and hitting Dal Roti at night.. πŸ˜€

  4. @JR

    The challange dish is ‘Awadhi samosa parantha’. Be prepared, it can put all pro’s to shame. πŸ™‚


    P.S: This comment was posted from dal roti while @having kathi roll’s.

  5. @ Anand,
    He he sure, will do one of these days.. Do heed KG’s warning though.. I did hear that it was a near impossible task.. πŸ™‚

  6. thanks a lot for the very kind words…. smiling.. it’s always good to hear good things said about one but in all honesty would rather you come with an empty stomach and no expectations.. and ohh! my mobile number is 974.6459.244

  7. The food is something to die for, but the icing on the cake is Ramesh. Dal Roti & the food would never be the same without the “flavour” of Ramesh.

  8. I went there today and it was a legendary experience! πŸ™‚ Thank you Ramesh for the wonderful hospitality and great food!

  9. Visited once. Lassi was watery. The papads arrived late – and was not even remotely crisp. Oh yea, we wanted to have some fish, and our host recommended a fish curry. The fish was not fresh and not cooked well… Ugh!

    You can tell how lousy it is – when a Tamil makes a terrible sambar and a Kochinite cooks an ugh fish dish.

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