Kochi Art & Science Space

Join us to promote the creation of a Kochi Art & Science Space. Read about it here: www.kartsci.org

The goal of the Kochi Art and Science Space (KASS) is to educate and foster creativity in its many forms. A place which would provide exposure to the complementary worlds of Art and Science and promote innovation. KASS will be a major pluridisciplinary Arts & Science culture hub.

The goal of the Science Space is to attract and introduce people to principles of science and technology. Its major aim is to generate a strong interest and attract bright young minds into the persuit of science, which is a must in the highly technological world in which we live and whose development is based on all branches of science. Its aim is also to generate awareness of ecological and societal issues. The Science Space will be an exciting interactive place where children and adults can explore the world of Science and Technology hands-on.

The Art space is meant in a broad sense: painting, sculpture, photography, design, architecture, fashion, music…. Art Space would be a modern art, design, fashion… museum and exhibition space which would showcase creations of the design of Indian and foreign designers and again provide exposure and educate people in various modern trends and stand against conformism. It would be an opportunity to present trends in ecofriendly and sustainable design. Its goal would be to promote young upcoming talent in various artistic areas. As the Science space it would cater to young and old.

The combined space would feature a planetarium and a pluridisciplinary multimedia reference, information and self training library. It would have a center for performing arts featuring an auditorium (theatre), concert hall, iMAX cinema. These will complement the activities in the science & arts spaces.

An important role of KASS will be in its outreach, providing a place with supplemental material for schools during on site visits by groups of children and when possible organising “at school” exhibits. The Art Space would organise yearly fashion and design shows.

KASS will be Kerala s (and not only) unique art and science fusion space and one of the largest pluri-disciplinary centres and conference venues presenting a diverse range of scientific, artistic and educational events. It aims to be a major cultural hub promoting education and creativity: India”s future.

KASS will be setup as a charitable society.
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For more detailed information contact kartsci21 at gmail dot com

KASS is currrently promoted by the Kerala Urban Development Society: KUDS.

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