Kochi IPL Team Might be Scrapped?

It might seem as if anything in Kochi or Kerala for that matter is a controversy these days! From smart city to the metro rail to the recent kochi IPL team have found themselves in a soup.

It was a perfect plot for a controversy from the day it started with its mysterious owners, highest buy price and alleged involvement of a controversial minister and now TimesOfIndia reports that Kochi IPL is in trouble about its secret partners and transfer of equity to “unknown” partners and other stuff.

Rendezvous has reportedly been issued an ultimatum by the BCCI to provide details of the ‘unknown party’ by Monday or face cancellation of its ownership. Kochi IPL franchisee  owner Rendezvous Sports so far seems to be rubbishing these claims so far.

But controversies apart, lets hope things work out well and until then, lets try to find the perfect name for the kochi team 🙂

By TheAnand

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