Kochi Ipl team Might Change the Name Indicommandos

After the extreme protest in through the social media , Kochi Ipl team might change the name Indicommandos,  only if BCCI allows  it. People have been protesting against the chosen name and the official facebook community and twitter were filled with request from people all over the world to change the name. They even stated a community ” Change the name indicommandos which had thrice the number of people in the official indicommandos web page.

The name was chosen by one of the country’s best  creative brand consultants and the result was rather disappointing. Fans were pouring in with better suggestions of name and most of them sounded better than the current one as far as the public like is concerned.

One more good thing just happened is that the home ground of the team might stay as  Kochi  and the works have started to prepare the stadium to match international standards . KCA has expressed high confidence stating that the home ground of the IPL team will remain  in Kochi itself.


  1. amazing name!!! I change my team too!!! now i support our Kochi team rather than KKR!!!

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