Makers Collective First Edition- Kochi

Kochi is going to  witness a celebration of  craft, design, and sustainability this weekend. The first edition of the ‘Maker’s Collective’, an initiative by Pepper House Kochi, where some of our favourite independent creators from across the country will come together.
Here’s a little about the brands and you get to meet and interact with the founders too!
They work with third and fourth generation craftsmen to create and develop handcrafted, eco-friendly, bags of burlap for earthy souls in search of good juju and spreading the same across the world.


A designer who constantly redefines simplicity; lost in his love for Indian traditional crafts, he creates designs that interweave modern cuts with heritage fabrics. He believes in reliving the history of a culture by reviving its traditional fabrics.




The Summer House



They design and retail responsibly made clothing wares for modern living. They are inspired by a life that is allowed to takes its time. They design clothing that is luxurious yet comfortable enough to chase life’s little joys.




Sienna Store



Sienna was born out of a need to preserve, nurture and re-visit the ancient art forms of rural India. Founder Sulagna Ghosh collaborates with the artisans to create modern and functional products using age old methods of producing terracotta and glazed pottery, handspun textiles, woodwork and cane artifacts, among others.



Bare Necessities – Zero Waste India



What started as an individual’s zero waste journey and grew to become a zero waste company. Bare Necessities Produces mind, body and home loving products powered by nourishing bare ingredients.




They work towards exploring the innate aesthetics and meanings associated to metal scrap/waste/leftovers/mechanisms. Each piece is hand-picked from a range of well-defined mechanisms to undefined discarded pieces from across the city. Hence, each product becomes a reminiscence of a mechanism, person, place, time…it maybe non-specific to any gender and may not be called a jewellery piece.



An upcoming contemporary fashion brand that represents simplicity, eccentricity and elegance. The brand consists of all the essentials of a wardrobe: ranging from a unique clothing line to jewelry, footwear and bags. The garment line is casual and ritzy providing a wide variety of tops, bottoms, overcoats/shackets, dresses and gowns.
There is a yoga session by Kolkata based and Bali trained yogini Mrinalika BhanjDeo on the 21st January at 9:30 am but its a first come first serve basis and therfore you have to call or message to book your spot.
Contact Number : 983104057 or 9830290530
Fees : ₹600/ participant
They have other exciting events also lined up alongside. A special mention to the #SoundsLikeBurlap – a live independent music event curated by The Burlap People, where singer-songwriter Aarifah Rebello, and the independent Hang Drum percussionist, Munna, will be performing on Saturday, 20th January, 5.30 pm onwards.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Sahar Mansoor, founder and owner of Bare Necessities will give a talk on zero waste living – the importance of it, the way to do it, and why we must begin to aim towards this.

Enjoy all the above and of course , don’t forget the awesome cup of coffee at Pepper House , as always!


Maker’s Collective| Edition 1- Kochi


20th and 21st January (Saturday &Sunday) | 10:00 AM onwards


Pepper House, 11/10A & B, Kalavathi Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala – 686002

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By Neethu Thomas

She who loves Kochi for its malls and city life experiences. . . . follow me on twitter @neeths