Mango & Banana Fest!!!

Fruit lovers…wherever you are…head towards Marine Drive Ground from April 24th – May 2nd!! The first mango festival and banana festival is organized by Ernakulam District Agri-Horticulture Society.

Over 120 varieties of mangoes from Maharasthra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil as well as kerala variants are on sale from April 24th – 28th. There are also jams, payasams, halwa, pickle, pulps and Kerala specialty ‘mampazha pulissery’. Many stalls display mangoes in different shades of yellow and different shapes giving a visual spectacle  for visitors.

The core attraction of the show is the ‘non-carbide stall’ with the mangoes being ripened using ethylene chambers which according to the volunteers is harmless.

You can also take back your favourite  fruit saplings back home!!!

From April 29th, the banana festival will take over the scene and will be on the road till May 2nd. You also get clothes and sandals made of banana fibre or ‘vaazhanaaru’. Not only that….pazhaprathaman, sharkaravaratti, wine, etc..I wonder if there’s going to be banana fry…’pazhampori’!!!

Entry is free!!!….for children below 10 yrs…and for those above 10 yrs…its Rs. 15/- per person. The exhibition will be on from 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

I might not be able to go till Kochi…why don’t you guys out there check it out and lemme know!!!