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Christmas vacation is a week of outing with family, cousins and relatives with some crazy shopping, picnic, movies etc.. Not much good movies in the theaters this time (from feedbacks), planned to watch the movie “Marykkundoru Kunjadu” because it was the only movie which I came to hear positive feedbacks and also the song video which I saw felt a lil variety in the mood too.. 🙂  (for videos and pics click here)

Really need to say .. Marykkundoru Kunjadu is really worth a shot 🙂 Loved the movie and I would recommend it than the latest hit Best Actor and for the very first time I heard loud laughs and applause in Cinemax Cochin !!

Review :

The movie has a simple plot said in a very impressive way…. Loved the title styles, intro song of the movie, movie location etc !!

1. Intro Music and visuals : Good

The intro music and visuals were simple and clean and very impressive. Loved the intro song and the song conveyed a part of the story and it created the base of the story.. The Title styles were also impressive.

2. Casting : Excellent

Movie casting was really good, especially need to mention Biju Menon’s performance.. awesome !!!! Dileep’s performance was also good. Also Salim Kumar’s expression when his son died.. is must watch one !! Also  the others were also good.. !!

3. Dialogues – Simple and Clean : Excellent

The dialogues in the movie was very simple and clean. Really reflected the talks of normal people. Comedy dialogues were extremely impressive… enjoyed it through out !!

4. Scenes : Impressive

Really loved the way which the scenes were shot. Reflected the beauty of a village area beautifully. Every scene conveyed the village feel throughout the movie.

5. Songs and background Music: Good

The songs were impressive. Loved the lyrics and its music. Background really need to mention : great work.

5. Story : Impressive

The story plot is simple and it is said in a very impressive way. Loved the way how the story moved and even the twist was perfectly synced !!


Well, I really have no dislikes  to mention. I enjoyed the movie through out. Well suggestions/flaws yea, I would have suggested to have the movie end in a different way because the end was very common and was found in many Dileep movies.

My rating : 7.7 / 10

Got plans to watch the movie ?? Go for it.. Need timings ??

Movie Timings @ Cinemax Cochin : 09 : 30 am | 03 : 00 pm | 05 : 30 pm | 08 : 00 pm

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