Metro rail: Proposal to extend up to airport

Airline passengers can take a sigh of relief, if Kochi metro rail extends upto the Cochin International Airport. Recently, the airport authorities wrote to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) seeking an extension of rails from Aluva to airport. As of now, the airline passengers take over an hour to reach the airport from the city through the congested highway due to heavy traffic snarls. With the extension of the rails, the passengers can travel in air-conditioned comfort at reasonable rates and would be able to reach the airport comfortably within few minutes of boarding the metro coaches. This would reduce the number of cars and auto-rickshaws on the way to airport along the busy highway. It becomes difficult for the passengers to get taxis during the tourist seasons. Keeping note of all these factors, DMRC is open to the proposal and is awaiting the government nod for the project.

Inspite of few objections raised by the Union Finance Ministry, the DMRC team in Kochi is going ahead with the construction of the elevated rails. If the proposal is given green signal, then the metro rail could lessen time to reach airport and traffic as well. Now the question is, will the Government consent to the proposal without any objections?

By jisha

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