Monsoon arrives earlier in Kochi

The south western monsoon strikes kerala coasts on Sunday , three days earlier than its arrival forecast. The early arrival means the state can look forward to its traditional wet weather during the June-July months, and school children will have to arm themselves with raincoats and umbrellas as the showers come down right from the first week of their new academic year.

A weather report issued yesterday said there would be isolated heavy rainfall over Lakshadweep and Kerala until tomorrow. Last year the monsoon had set in on May 31, and the total rainfall was reportedly ten per cent short of average. Kerala’s average rainfall is 204cm per year.

This year, the monsoon has reportedly set in three days ahead of projections, over most parts of Kerala, much of the south Arabian Sea, and some parts of Tamil Nadu, and conditions are being considered favourable for its advance.For Kerala, a good and timely arrival of the monsoon not only means good news for the farming community across the state, but also brings cheer for the hydro-electricity generating sector, towards which the state’s power generation is traditionally depends.