Motor Cycle Taxi license should be given in kochi

Movies always give ideas. I got one idea from the movie “The song of the sparrows”. I have seen it in Ernakulam public library as part of the regular screening of the film club there. In the movie the protagonist becomes a Motor Cycle Taxi driver.

In Iran (the place line in that movie-more precisely Tehran) it is a good way to make a living. Lot of Motor Cycle Taxis are there in the street as shown in the movie. Suddenly an idea struck to my mind. Motor Cycle Taxi are not seen in Kochi city.

Why don’t we have Motor Cycle Taxi in Kochi? You may think that it will increase the traffic. In a way you are right. But these taxis can use pocket roads which buses can’t. This will provide more employment. It will be of great use for old people especially for short distances.

I hate the supermacy of private buses in the city. They are real killers and I mean it. Motor Cycle Taxi license experiment can be done on a pilot basis. Now a days the bus fare is pretty high (of course there will be more hike in the near future!!). Number of vehicles increasing drastically.

Motor Cycle Taxis consume only less space on roads. You can reach office on time, if they are using pocket roads. It will take traffic off the main roads. But I am not saying that it will definitely reduce the traffic. I believe that there should be some alternatives for private buses, since their pride is uncontrollable.

If the traffic in kochi city to be reduced, at least pulleppady over bridge should be completed with out any delay. We can have Volvo luxury buses why don’t we have Motor Cycle Taxi.

By pramodthomas

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  1. That Idea is very much innovative. But the issue is implementation. As of now, no ideas are implemented in the state which do not generate any revenue or “hafta” for the Don “Kodiyeri” and his son “Bineesh”. Let it be land, medicine, swamis or any thing.


  2. Hi
    I just read about suggestion of giving licenses for Motor cycle taxis in Kochi. In fact I also had seen the Iranian Movie.
    In fact such a service has been in vogue in Goa for quite some time. Way back in late 90s when I have been a regular visitor to Goa I had opportunity to avail the service of motor cycle taxi available at fixed points. Has been runny very effective and been utilised by many there.
    A very good idea.

  3. also at that time there ws a rule that even person sitting at the back requires a they hd to come up with a spare helemt..which didnt go well with commuters…eventually the yellow bikes disappeared from kochi roads

  4. There used to be those yellow coloured Enticers which used to ply from Avenu Regent…. I guess it was 2002-03. It wasnt economical then,….

    As for capt.Ranjith, I pity him as he cannot see anything beyond blaming govt. Blaming govt is one thing getting personal is different and I guess this exactly is what ails our state…. getting personal than for any reason… Remember, a state is only as good as the people that live in it! Period.

  5. I entirely agree with Mr. Nikhil that “the State is only as good as the people that live in its period. That does not mean that the State can neglect its people and take them for granted. What good governance are the people getting these days excepting tall promises from the leaders.

  6. Hey even the autorickshaws are not putting their meter properly to charge the passengers. This one is not practical atleast at Kochi.

  7. Just got to read Mr.Nikhil’s comments seconded by Mr.Kartha only today. I appreciate the comments and presume he do not live in the state but is very much aware of the going arounds. But of course, I totally agree with statement that the state is just as good as it’s people.

  8. I have jus seen Mr. Promod Thomas’s jottings abut the movie. I havealso seen the movie and I like it more because it highligts the service he gives to the public and at the same time the vageries and difficulties he has to undergo as part of the service – the clients miusing his efforts and services. I am afraid the same could be the result here too as the general mindset of people here is to take advantage and even try t exploit others. and as far as possible not to extend a helping hand.

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