Must Visit Chaat Centres in Kochi

Five years back, the term ‘Chaat’ did not appeal much to people in Kochi. I remember dragging some of my friends and forcing them to try chaat for the first time. The ‘Chaat culture’ in Kochi wasn’t so common and so weren’t chaat centres. There were the roadside who were always named either Yadav or Bombay Chaat for reasons unknown! But most of Kochi were skeptical about the hygiene. Now, with more exclusive, hygienic and sophisticated-looking Chaat centres cropping up, the demand has gone up. Here are some of the best Chaat places in Kochi:

Gokul Oottupura, Kadavantra

Nobody needs an introduction right? Oottupura at Kadavantra is one restaurant that has been serving chaat for years. The taste has not changed even a bit. Though their prices are much higher than that of the street chaat vendors’, they are totally worth it with the right flavor. Always go for their Assorted chaat which is a combination of Dahi Puri, Sev Puri and Papdi chaat. Their Panampilly Restaurant too serves chaat items.

Kailash Chaat Centre, Convent Junction

If you don’t mind street side chaat stalls, this one serves amazing Pani Puri and steaming Samosa Chaat. The Pani Puri here is quite spicy and really yummy that after one plate, you’ll have watery eyes and runny nose. It is always one hell of a Pani Puri experience here. If you aren’t a fan of spice, tell him, ‘Bhaiya, teekha kam’ 😛

Chaat Centre, Lulu Hypermarket

Many of you may not have given it a try because there are so many other important things to buy from the hypermarket’s food section right? 😀 If you are a curd lover, you get the best Papdi Chaat in the chaat stall here. You can watch him prepare the chaat right before your eyes and you will have no hygiene issues.

Kailash Parbat, Lulu Hypermarket

The Foodcourt of Lulu mall houses yet another Chaat Centre, definitely one that adds to the variety of outlets there. This one is pricey, thanks to Lulu. Their chaat spread is larger compared to other chaat places in Kochi

Chaat Street, Palarivattom

Is the latest sensation in the chaat world. The outlet has received mixed reviews, mostly good. If you have to satiate your craving for chaat while in the Palarivattom area, this is where you go to. Situated in the Edapally side of Palarivattom, the stall doesn’t have a parking spot which could be an inconvenience.

Once you have had amazing chaat, you can never stop having them. These chaat centres will leave you craving for more and this is coming from someone who has had assorted chaat from Oottupura every week or sometimes more frequently. No matter where you go, when you come back to Kochi, only those old places and the old taste could satiate your craving.

Did we miss out your favorite chaat place? Let us know in the comments!

By Ranjini Sankar

I am Ranjini S; a CA student, an entrepreneur, a blogger and a part-time freelance writer. Writing has been my passion since childhood. I write about the little things in life and believe that these little things are far more powerful than we think. Logophile | Bibliophile | Nocturnal | Dark Chocolate Lover, you can read more about me at 'A Few Handpicked Things in Life'.