Nanotech India 2009!

nanotechNanotechnology is becoming a necessity in all spheres of modern life. This cutting-edge technology is moving with fast pace. Its impact has become more evident in the areas of medicine, industry environment, agriculture, power, construction etc.

Nanotech India 2009 is an annual conference and business meet in nanotechnology. It mainly deals with the discussions related to the latest developments in nano-medicines, nano-biotechnology, nano-engineering materials and environmental technology. The event will be held from August 14 to 16 at Cochin and will be focusing on the application part of nanotech research. The aim of the event is to bring into limelight the advancement of nanotech segments and to create awareness about the possibilities of practical applications of nano-size particles. Industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors will come together to create a platform to discuss the issues and opportunities that are essential in commercializing Nanotech innovations.

For the first time, the event is going to be international by including overseas scientists and nanotech companies. The event will be a three-day program. The third day of the event will be dedicated to discussions and business meets in nano-medicine and nano-biotherapeutic segments. In 2010, there are plans to conduct a two-day conference on nano-medicines. The nano-medicine meet is envisaged to attract a large number of scientists, physicians, pharma students and business groups to look for the latest options for their future growth. There will be scientific sessions to cover the latest developments in nanotechnology, also discussions to meet and develop business projects through new strategic investments and partnerships as well.

The event will be addressed by various well known scientists Dr John Pickup, professor of Diabetes and Metabolism, King’s College, London, Dr Vidhya Ramaswamy, an expert in nano-biotechnology and molecular biology and Dr Pulickel M Ajayan one among the pioneers in the field of carbon nano-tubes. So Nano-techies┬ádrag yourself to the conference!

By jisha

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