QKochi? – The new Quiz Club in Cochin

There’s a new Quiz Club in Cochin, called QKochi?

A small but growing group devoted to spreading the joy of Quizzing, we had our first meeting of 5 people at Subhash Park (we had no place to go 🙂 ).

The faculty of IMS, Ravipuram, all avid quizzers themselves, have very graciously allowed us to hold our meetings. We’ve already had more than 20 meetings. We now have around 37 members who attend these regularly. This group is for all ages and we already have school and college students , as well some distinguished quizmasters attending.

Our formula is simple – to bounce questions of each other at our meetings that happen every couple of weeks or so. At every meeting we have one or two members playing the role of the quizmaster who grill the others. We also spread the word about any quiz competitions happening around South India. It’s fun and incredibly informal.

We meet around twice a month on Saturdays at 4 PM at IMS, Ravipuram.

All are invited to join the group (and the fun 🙂 )

Our next general quiz is on the  21st of August (this saturday) , at 4PM.

For more information, log onto http://groups.google.co.in/group/qKochi

or contact Arun Cherian +91-9995835810

By manu.varghese

I'm a totally naive guy, i believe anything's possible. Extremely passionate about whatever i do. And while i have an awful memory, the thrill of quizzing is one i always enjoy. other things i'm passionate about includes robotics and programming. (yup, i'm mostly a nerd :p ).