Rima Kallingal – An Interview

Rima Kallingal was the first runner up to the 2008 Miss Kerala event. A talented professional dancer and above all, she has a great smile that will blow your fuses off! Here is Rima Kallingal for you! This is our ongoing coverage of the Miss Kerala 2009 event which will feature the previous winners of the coveted pageant.


What did you do before winning the Miss Kerala Pageant ?

I was working with a Indian contemporary dance company as a choreographer and dancer.

What prompted you to take the leap from what you were doing to the Miss Kerala pageant ?

I was basically looking for some exposure for my dance company in the kerala market..but I was not prepared for what miss kerala gave me.

Can you describe the experience of winning the title ?

It was total fun…met some talented girls..got trained under professionals.. was a very enriching experience..

How do you compare your life before and after winning the crown ?

The exposure is immense… the recognition I got from the public, the ad industry to film makers…I have had no time to sit still since then..and I am surely not complaining..:)


Beauty or Brains. Which is more important to win this pageant ?

Both.. but then miss kerala is unique for the fact that it does not primarily concentrate on physical appearance as much as the usual pageants..

What is your message to the Miss Kerala 2009 aspirants. ?

Relax and enjoy the ride.. you would want to look back and smile thinking of this.

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Totally… even though I was perfectly happy in my dance career earlier on, the stage that I am in right now was something I had not expected. I could not be happier and could not be in a more fulfilling line of art.

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  2. hi Rima how are you i saw you in pattaya when you play happy husband film do you remember?

    i am from iran i saw your picture in google that was very nice i want send for you your picture in pattaya if you want please send for me your email thank you very much babye

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