Script 2011 – International Short film festival in Cochin

The Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis is organizing  an international short film festival SCRIPT 2011 on January 28th and 29th here at Fine arts hall.

Short films from all across the world will be considered for awards in this event . Short films dealing with issues that are of global relevance will be the candidates.  This is the first time in India an international short film festival is being organized. Around 4000 people including rotary members are expected to attend this big event .

Around 150 movies from the following categories have been selected for the competion . The categories are
Category 1: Corporates
Category 2: Filmmakers
Category 3: Voluntary Organizations
Category 4: Students
There will be separate competitions and recognitions for each category. There will be separate screenings, awards and cash prizes for each category.

For more information contact :

Festival Office
Script 2011, c/o “Chemmeens House”,
28/92, Concrete Lane,
Panampilly Nagar,
Cochin 682 036.
Ph: +91 484 2315535, +91 484 2315536