Flea.k Kochi: Shopping, Food, Music, Art & Entertainment Come Together

A few months back, a friend of mine had been to ‘The Lil Flea’, a flea market in Bandra, and posted pictures of so many quirky things. There were eateries, accessories, stalls displaying numerous décor items; in short, it was a package of what you would call sugar, spice and everything nice! I couldn’t help but wonder why Kochi didn’t have one of those. Who wouldn’t love to just go stall hopping with friends, hogging so many varieties of munchies, drooling at all the things you cannot have, listening to heart-warming music and feasting your eyes upon some soul stirring art?

And now, the dream comes true! Feb 4th and 5th will witness Kochi’s first ever Flea Market, On Flea.k .  It will be held at Cochin Gymkhana, from 11 am to 8 pm. The idea has been embraced with a lot of enthusiasm. Their quirky logo with an elephant says ‘Shopping • Music • Art • Food • Fun’ but even the organizers wouldn’t have imagined what they were in for. A glimpse of their Facebook page would leave you perplexed seeing the numerous art forms and artists that were in the shadows in Kochi. Apart from making Kochi a happening place, On flea.k has unveiled and brought to the forefront these artists.


Brainchild of three women – Bhavya Babu Mathew, Anz Elizabeth Esho and Leah Rachel Abraham – On Flea.k has as its theme women empowerment. Many of their stalls and events are women oriented.  The happy news doesn’t end with just one event. They intend to organize it every six months, each time, supporting a new cause.

Ranging from clothing brands to umpteen musicians and many more forms of art one could only imagine, Kochi has it all and On flea.k brings them together. There will be a food section that houses cafes, bakers for your sweet tooth, burgers and so on featuring ‘The Grill Lab’. The stage will showcase various musicians, comedians, rappers and bands. Amidst all these, there will be an ensemble of stalls that sell organic soaps, homemade pickles, wall hangings, home decors, clothing lines and so on throughout the venue.

Once the sun sets, the atmosphere already ringing with music and happiness will be drenched in a hundred fairy lights making it more magical. Music, art, food, mellow lights and friends. Is there anything more one could ask for? We sure have our weekend plans figured out. Have you? 😉

By Ranjini Sankar

I am Ranjini S; a CA student, an entrepreneur, a blogger and a part-time freelance writer. Writing has been my passion since childhood. I write about the little things in life and believe that these little things are far more powerful than we think. Logophile | Bibliophile | Nocturnal | Dark Chocolate Lover, you can read more about me at 'A Few Handpicked Things in Life'.