Sociopreneur 2011 at Model Engineering College , Cochin

After sixty three years of independence, India today boasts of an inspiring growth story. A nation famous for its ancient civilization, culture and heritage, it has taken us years of toil and struggle to script our present. But this new destination-in-demand for big business still features a society plagued with illnesses. Our inability to overcome the age-old issues of inadequate infrastructure, poverty, illiteracy and widespread economic disparity represents our greatest failure post-independence.

Why look towards the government and the bureaucracy when the transformation can begin at home? By overlooking our own capacities as harbingers of change and prosperity for the downtrodden in society, do we not sell ourselves short? Does not the new generation of citizens in the world’s most youthful nation possess the transformative power and vigor to re-shape society, and chart its own course to a brighter destiny?


SOCIOPRENEUR is an annual event conducted by the E-Cell of Model Engineering College, Kochi and Young Indians (Yi) Net MEC. True to its tag “Think Different for A Change”, Sociopreneur recognizes the potential inherent in budding young entrepreneurs to mould the future of this country, and inspires them to utilize their creative and business acumen to create social ventures targeting any one or more of the several shortcomings of modern society. The event requires you to create a Business Plan, which when executed can and will create a social change/impact for the good. Participants from across Kerala, and indeed, across the whole of South India shall present their blueprints for the India they envision, and the work to be done to attain it! The winning team takes over Rs. 30,000 as cash prize as an incentive to bring their ideas to fruition and help Be the Change!

India awaits its next generation of visionaries! Will YOU answer its call?

The online phase of the competition concludes on February 18th, 2011. Send in your entries to

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