Summer Camp for Kids in Cochin

Children summer camp, a vacation camp exclusively for children is being offered by the Moozhikulam Sala this year. The camp being named as “Kuttiyum Kolum”, is surely an opportunity for children to revive and rejuvenate the games and innocence of the good old times.

It is a three day camp and will be held at the organic campus of the Moozhikulam Sala which is a voluntary organization that promotes the eco-friendly lifestyle. The camp for children will be inaugurated by Sreehari M. Chakyar on May 19. the classes will be lead by John Paul, N.K. Desom, C.R. Rajagopal, T.K.Achutan, Jadugar Raja, Pisharasyar, M.R. Surendran, Harikrishnan, K.R. Raghavan, Saneesh Chengamanad, K.P.Kuttan and Rajeev Thiruvankulam.

The schedule for the camp will include music, painting, magic, language, poetry sessions, traditional games, astronomy, introduction to medicinal plants, mathematics and a wonderful ride in the country boats along the river of Chalakudy. A screening of Pather Panchali, Apu trilogy of Satyajit ray will be conducted which will also be a wonderful experience!

Those who are interested to participate this wonderful camp for children soon get in touch with T.R Premkumar at Moozhikulam Sala, Jaiva Campus, Kurumassery. The contact numbers for the same is 9447021246 or 9495981246. Participating in this vacation camp will be a wonderful experience for all of them who take part as it is during this time that one can be free from the daily routines and get a once in a lifetime refreshment! Have you been to a summer camp before? Do share your experience with our readers in the comments!