The Chakyar is Coming to Kochi this May!

Mamangam – The School of Dance is bringing the Chakyar to Kochi!!  Chakyar Kootu is Kerala’s own standup comedy art form and one of our oldest classical theater art forms. The chakyar usually uses wit and humor to reflect upon the current socio-political events and the use of prose and poetry makes it a entertaining… Continue reading The Chakyar is Coming to Kochi this May!

Nirvana,the Sheesha Side

Well Cochin does have its own Sheesha Lounge and believe me its the best place to be.The ambiance plus the unique menu will surely surprise you.Oops,i forgot the pricing too is very surprising. Sandunes, the Persian Cafe is at TD Road, the one behind Chennai Silks so very well connected to the city yet is… Continue reading Nirvana,the Sheesha Side

“Somewhere else” Cafe Cochin

Update: 15th Sept. – The cafe is now closed unfortunately. Lokah Restaurant in Kochi is the only free wifi cafe in Cochin. Click here to read more. This is TheAnand reporting live from the coolest cafe in Cochin for the geeks and techies in Cochin.  I think I have found your ultimate dream cafe which… Continue reading “Somewhere else” Cafe Cochin

Brunton Boatyard in Kochi

The Brunton Boatyard Hotel is moored on a stretch of Cochin’s Harbour was resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipyard. Today, it gives the modern traveler a unique opportunity to relish the luxuries of the past .With a  view of the harbor this place is perfect for a siesta any time. The cuisine on… Continue reading Brunton Boatyard in Kochi

Kashi Art Café at Fort Cochin

Kashi Art Café located on Burgher Street in Fort Cochin is one of my favorite hang out. Established in 1997, Kashi Art Café is not just a café but offers a meeting point for the art lovers. The gallery space has on display art pieces by established as well as newer artists which keep changing… Continue reading Kashi Art Café at Fort Cochin