Must Visit Chaat Centres in Kochi

Five years back, the term ‘Chaat’ did not appeal much to people in Kochi. I remember dragging some of my friends and forcing them to try chaat for the first time. The ‘Chaat culture’ in Kochi wasn’t so common and so weren’t chaat centres. There were the roadside who were always named either Yadav or… Continue reading Must Visit Chaat Centres in Kochi

Wanna Chaat in Cochin?

“Dahi puri, pani puri, kachori chat, sav puri, channa batura…” these names would bewatering the mouth of all chaat lovers! Chat centre foods have always been topping the favourite food items list of most of the people because of its  taste that can’t be  experienced even in the best of the restaurants. In Cochin, the… Continue reading Wanna Chaat in Cochin?