Club X’treme:Post-Mortem

Club X’treme,an intiative by Smiley & Elxixr Eventz went on full throttle all the way till morning 3. With 8 DJ’s on board with beats that shook the entire city Gokulam Park Inn was turned into a heaven for party animals.DJ  Rupesh,DJ John,DJ Charlez,DJ bijin,DJ sony,DJ Shamnaz,DJ Sony,DJ Nisha. Have you ever seen the Titans one… Continue reading Club X’treme:Post-Mortem

Peace Party @ Somewhere else Cafe

DJ Party @ Somewhere else Cafe Something that everone been waiting for. a constant venue for partying with the best mocktails,food,music and fun-filled attractions.If you been missing out the party life this is your chance,6 hours of non stop music every week just for those partylovers. Whats Special about PEACE ? Its the first of… Continue reading Peace Party @ Somewhere else Cafe