Club X’treme:Post-Mortem

Club X’treme,an intiative by Smiley & Elxixr Eventz went on full throttle all the way till morning 3. With¬†8 DJ’s on board with beats that shook the entire city Gokulam Park Inn was turned into a heaven for party animals.DJ ¬†Rupesh,DJ John,DJ Charlez,DJ bijin,DJ sony,DJ Shamnaz,DJ Sony,DJ Nisha. Have you ever seen the Titans one… Continue reading Club X’treme:Post-Mortem

Fortune Isle Resort @ Koramkotta Dweep

Want to blow off some steam and get away from the stress of the city & the working life? How about a resort on a little tiny islet? Sounds like fun! A serene & calm place, Fortune Island Resort is located in Koramkotta Dweep, an islet, few kilometers away from Kochi town. The resort is… Continue reading Fortune Isle Resort @ Koramkotta Dweep

Club X’treme-The Awakening

Elixir Eventz gets its concept party Club X’treme with their laucnh event at Gokulam Park Inn on 8’th august,2009. “The Awakening” itself will see the clash of titans and that too six of them-DJ Abhiram,DJ Rupesh,DJ Sony,DJ Shaam,DJ Charlez & DJ Nisha(Bangalore). The entry is Free for ladies and couple however Stags will be charged… Continue reading Club X’treme-The Awakening