Painting workshop in cochin to conclude today

The painting workshop organized by Magma Fincorp Limited will conclude today. Talented displays of 10 artists were the attraction of the two day workshop held at Gokulam Park. The aim of the workshop was to promote upcoming talented artists in the state.  The national campaign is starting its journey from Kochi. Magma Fincorp will conduct… Continue reading Painting workshop in cochin to conclude today

Club X’treme:Post-Mortem

Club X’treme,an intiative by Smiley & Elxixr Eventz went on full throttle all the way till morning 3. With 8 DJ’s on board with beats that shook the entire city Gokulam Park Inn was turned into a heaven for party animals.DJ  Rupesh,DJ John,DJ Charlez,DJ bijin,DJ sony,DJ Shamnaz,DJ Sony,DJ Nisha. Have you ever seen the Titans one… Continue reading Club X’treme:Post-Mortem