Parking : yet Another Issue for Cochin

Over the years we all were mostly worried about our bad roads and unorganized traffic.  Parking was also a concern in the city premises but still there wasn’t a big deal with it. But it seems like more issues are on the Way. Today Morning InfoPark kochi saw some real drama regarding the parking issue.… Continue reading Parking : yet Another Issue for Cochin

Infopark Kochi is Expanding

Second phase of Infopark’s Expansion!  The second phase of software park Infopark in Kochi will come up over 160 acres. This phase may be developed under a public-private partnership model. Infopark chief executive Siddhartha Bhattacharya was not sure whether the new park would be developed by Infopark or by the newly-promoted Kerala State IT Infrastructure.… Continue reading Infopark Kochi is Expanding