Marykkundoru Kunjadu | Movie Review

Christmas vacation is a week of outing with family, cousins and relatives with some crazy shopping, picnic, movies etc.. Not much good movies in the theaters this time (from feedbacks), planned to watch the movie “Marykkundoru Kunjadu” because it was the only movie which I came to hear positive feedbacks and also the song video… Continue reading Marykkundoru Kunjadu | Movie Review

Cocktail | Movie Review

With not much plans in mind for yesterday evening me and my friend Ranjith were planning to watch “Pranjiyettan” once again. Going through the timings of movie shows in Cinemax Cochin, Ranjith noticed the movie schedule for “Cocktail”. Remembering the script work of Anoop Menon in “PakalNakshatrangal”, with no second thoughts we decided to watch… Continue reading Cocktail | Movie Review

Anwar | Movie Review

After a break, the new Amal Neerad project “Anwar” have hit the theaters last week. Well don’t know the status of other theaters in cochin, but Cinemax Cochin was crowed from the morning itself to watch Amal Neerad’s master-piece. Since I was very thrilled to watch the movie, saw it the very first day @… Continue reading Anwar | Movie Review