Kerala Urban Development Society

The future of Kerala depends on how quick our cities adapt to meet the challenges of the globalized world.  Kerala cities are just not competing with other Indian Metros in IT, Biotechnology or Tourism but to major South Asian cities as well. But lack of a planned urban vision, incompetent executive bodies, dearth of funds… Continue reading Kerala Urban Development Society

MAD Volunteer Recruitment Drive

Make a Difference(MAD) is an organization of young people working with underprivileged children to provide them with quality education. MAD was started in 2006 in Kochi when three college students got together to teach English to children in an orphanage. The concept quickly gained ground and within a short span, MAD developed into an organized network providing an easy platform for college students and young professionals to reach out and make a difference.

‘Make a Difference’ a.k.a MAD needs your support

If you have been lurking around Cochin’s biggest news blog, CochinSquare, you might have noticed the banner of MAD on our sidebar. Make a Difference is a Cochin based NGO which educates English and Computers for kids from orphanages. We and those behind the CochinSquare initiative are open supporters of the organization and its activities… Continue reading ‘Make a Difference’ a.k.a MAD needs your support

“Karunya Women’s Charitable Society”, Kochi NGO

Charitable Society for the welfare of women – ‘Karunya Women’s Charitable Society’ ! A Kochi-based NGO, Peekay Tree Crops Development Foundation (PTCDF) has promoted this society. Only few days back, the society was registered. The organization aims to deliver financial support and vocational training to unemployed and needy women of socially and economically deprived sections… Continue reading “Karunya Women’s Charitable Society”, Kochi NGO