Common wealth games queen’s baton relay reaches Cochin

Atlast the  Common wealth games queens baton relay  is here ,  covering 64 for other centres all over the country . Olympians TC Yohannan, O Chandrashekharan and Shiny Wilson  received  the baton from the District Collector at the Maharaja’s College Stadium at 9am, marking the start of the Kochi leg. Sports Minister M Vijayakumar, Fisheries… Continue reading Common wealth games queen’s baton relay reaches Cochin

Why do We do this? – A Video

This is a thought provoking video by Indias’ biggest business house, the Tata. A very compelling ad about India and its roots for their new venture TrueRoots.

Wimax In Cochin

Wimax in Cochin was a much anticipated service from TATA services and according to our industry sources, the installation is being completed now and there seems to be some permission issues with their tower activations near the Airport. The Wimax which will essentially free all your internet access by giving you access to the interes… Continue reading Wimax In Cochin