Progress,Prosperity, Social responsiblity

Am a proud owner/driver of a BMW in the States but I simply don’t get it… why own a BMW or any expensive car in Kochi or anywhere else in India. The beauty of owning such a car is the ability to drive smooth and fast….so tell me, where is the advantage outside of displaying wealth, consume… Continue reading Progress,Prosperity, Social responsiblity

A Cochin KSRTC Lesson

Cochin, The Commercial Capital Of Kerala. Public transport in the city is largely dependent on private buses and the transportation system is a mess and continued to be so until about a year or so back. It is partly an attitude issue – people here don’t use much of public transport – and prefer the… Continue reading A Cochin KSRTC Lesson

KSRTC starts city bus service in cochin

Cochin city transport system was ruled by the private buses. Putting an end to the monopoly of private buses, KSRTC buses started service in the city today .50 buses were flagged off by the transport minister Jose Thettayil. The service is named Thiru kochi  All the main locations of Cochin will be connected by the… Continue reading KSRTC starts city bus service in cochin